The Coca-Cola Company Selects Hanzo to Capture Brand Online


The Coca-Cola Company selects Hanzo Archives to capture its websites, social media, and web-based brand campaigns worldwide, for corporate heritage and marketing development.

Capturing brand heritage is fast becoming an important directive for multinational companies with a long and historic brand identity. With web marketing and communications increasingly using dynamic web content, multimedia, Flash and the social web, finding a product that can meet the demanding challenges of capturing this can be just as challenging. Fortunately, Hanzo’s web archiving services have demonstrated that this can be done.

Ted Ryan, Director of the Archives, said:
<blockquote>“Websites now contain unique information that doesn’t exist in any other form. While we can exhaustively capture advertisements, TV commercials, print, etc., we had so far not found a product that could successfully capture our websites. We are very excited by Hanzo’s capabilities.”</blockquote>

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