The Cost of eDiscovery

| December 7 2011

As I read through this article <a href="">Losers Pay Electronic Discovery Costs in Several More Cases - This is a Trend Worth Watching</a> on <a href="">Jeffery Parkhurst's blog</a>, I was a bit shocked at the e-discovery costs submitted for reimbursement in some of the cases: $530,000.00 - $575,000.00.

A portion of this cost was for computer technicians who had to convert electronically stored data into usable formats. Another associated cost was for the project management of the data collected.

Parkhurst's post also points out the courts are beginning to specify what e-discovery expenses are permitted for reimbursement.

Could you imagine paying more than half a million dollars on top of other litigation costs if you loose your case? What about paying the expense of e-discovery costs prior to going to court?

Thus, as e-discovery requests continue to evolve, so do the costs for both litigants. Hanzo touches on this briefly in our <a title="Download White Papers On Web Archiving" href="">free white paper on enterprise web archiving</a>. The white paper also outlines the types of web archiving solutions that not only enable you to present your data in native format for e-discovery requests, but eliminate costs associated with restoring data to acceptable formats for the courts.

E-discovery is just one example of why web archiving is essential to every business. To go more in depth on this topic and see a live client archive in action, please join us for our complimentary <a title="How To Archive Websites and Social Media" href="">Webinar on December 15, at 9:00 a.m. PST</a>.

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