The Walden Pond Podcast - Keith Laska Shares His Predictions for the Future of Remote Work Post-COVID

| July 30 2020

Anti-fraud expert, The Walden Pond's Vince Walden talks to experts about technology and compliance trends to help professionals have the latest insights to keep their compliance and fraud-detection programs relevant practical and timely. 

In this July 30th episode, Vince Walden interviews Keith Laska, CEO of Hanzo regarding how companies can manage dynamic, collaboration data risk in a post-COVID world and how compliance teams can save significantly on litigation costs. 

Applications that enable work-from-home environments are being adopted at an aggressive pace, so much so that the CEO of Slack has publicly stated that the pandemic has accelerated the anticipated evolution from emails to messaging apps by at least 18 months. Keith predicts that 30-40% of the working US population will be working remotely post-COVID, a huge jump from the previous 18%. Additionally, he believes that over the next few years, companies will be able to proactively identify problems before they occur, transforming data management into insight management.


Listen in to The Walden Pond Podcast — Episode 18


The Walden Pond - Episode 18 - Keith Laska - From Email to Slack Graphic

From Email to Slack: Organizing & Managing the Corporate Spaghetti Bowl of Employee Communications With Keith Laska


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