Hanzo Top 20 Ediscovery & Compliance Blogs of 2022, Part 1

| December 13 2022

It’s been another interesting year in the world of legal technology, and we here at Hanzo have covered a variety of topics in 2022. For the next two weeks in December, we’ll highlight our top 20 ediscovery and compliance blogs. Here are the first ten. Thanks for reading!

When it Comes to Using Screenshots as Evidence, It’s All About Authentication

Complex data sources – such as chat messages or a SaaS application’s user interface – are called that for a reason in the world of ediscovery: namely because it’s challenging to reproduce the data in a way that’s useful for attorneys and investigators.

In recent case law, there have been a number of examples of courts requesting screenshots as a way to present the evidence at hand. But do screenshots meet the “best evidence rule?” Read the complete article!

HIPAA Compliance & the Role of Enterprise Information Archiving

With the increasingly complex and interactive elements common in today’s websites and the quickly growing stores of unstructured data from collaboration apps and other SaaS platforms, understanding how regulatory bodies such as HIPAA affect your organization is a vital first step in making sure your website and digital channels comply with archiving and preservation regulations. Read the complete article!

No Longer Just Slack & Teams: Why Legal Departments Should Be Aware of Frontline Industry Collaboration Apps

Most of the time, when people say “collaboration data,” they’re primarily referring to Slack and MS Teams, mainly because these are the predominant communication platforms used in traditional office settings where people sit in front of computers. However, that’s only one slice of the workforce who are utilizing collaboration applications to streamline processes and foster communication and teamwork. Read the complete article!

What is Enterprise Information Archiving and Why is it Important?

With the ever-increasing growth of enterprise data, meeting compliance guidelines from regulatory bodies regarding digital files, communications, Personal Identifiable Information (PII), financial information, and financial data can be daunting, especially with the increasingly complex and interactive elements common in today’s websites. This is where an Enterprise Information Archiving solution becomes necessary for mitigating compliance risk. Read the complete article!

Ediscovery, Remote Work, and the Rise of Collaboration Apps

Even with a return to more normal day-to-day life, the remote workplace is here to stay. In fact, one report predicts 36.2 million workers or 22% of Americans will be working remotely by the year 2025. This is an 87% increase from pre-pandemic levels. This trend will definitely have an effect on your organization's ediscovery processes, particularly as it pertains to collaboration data. Read the complete article here!

Financial Data Compliance and Enterprise Information Archiving

When it comes to making sure financial data is safe and meets compliance regulations, understanding the different regulatory bodies and how they affect your organization is a vital first step. Two of the most common financial regulatory bodies are FINRA and SOX (both of which fall under the purview of the SEC). Let’s take a look at some of the compliance guidelines for each of them. Read the complete article here!

Data Intelligence is the Vital First Step for Legal and Compliance Teams

Organizations create and share enormous volumes of sensitive information, and with the rise of SaaS applications and collaboration tools, this information can exist in many places: emails, Slack messages, Jira tickets, Salesforce records, internal HR databases, Asana projects, and anywhere else work is getting done. But any time information is being shared freely, there is a risk of personally identifiable information (PII) and personal health information (PHI) finding their way into these channels. That’s why protecting and managing this data is of the utmost importance for corporate legal and compliance teams. Read the complete article!

When it Comes to Collecting SaaS Data for Ediscovery, APIs May Not Be Enough

With the growth of SaaS applications, many legal and compliance teams, as well as the software and service providers that support them, have mostly relied on APIs to preserve and gain access to the data held within enterprise SaaS systems. But with the rapid pace of new SaaS applications being adopted at the enterprise level, waiting for purpose-built APIs for ediscovery and compliance can put organizations at risk. That’s why solutions with dynamic mapping technology can bridge the gap between API limitations and complex data sources for a future-proof approach. Read the complete article here!

5 Ediscovery Challenges For Slack Data and How Technology Can Help

When collecting electronically stored information (ESI) for ediscovery during litigation, it’s essential to realize that each data source carries unique challenges. So the first step in any ediscovery process, especially when dealing with a new data source, is understanding these challenges to choose the right solution. Here are five challenges when collecting Slack data during ediscovery that legal teams should consider, and what they should look for in a technology solution. Read the complete article here!

An Overview of Compliance Regulations for the Mortgage Industry

When it comes to making sure financial data is safe and meets compliance regulations, understanding the different regulatory bodies that affect the mortgage industry is a vital first step. Here are just a few to consider. Read the complete article here!

Want to learn more about how APIs affect data preservation for ediscovery & compliance? Download The Guide to Modern SaaS Preservation!



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