Vendor Lock-In: App Vulnerability in the Cloud


<a href=""><img class="size-full wp-image-237 alignleft" alt="lockedinclouds" src="" width="142" height="268" /></a>Last Friday, I discovered an interesting article written by <a href="">Joyent's Alex Salkever</a> (former Technology Editor at

Titled "<a href=";utm_medium=feed&amp;utm_campaign=Feed%3A+OmMalik+%28GigaOM%3A+Tech%29">5 ways to protect against vendor lock-in in the cloud</a>", Salkever brings up Google's price increase for use of it's App Engine PaaS. He also points out a worry that App coders have had about building Apps on App Engine: Vendor lock-in and it's resulting business vulnerability to price gouging.
Reading through Salkever's article brought to mind the user-friendly services Hanzo provides in benefit to our customers.
Our archive is open standards-based and has no lock-in from day one.
Indeed: We address vendor lock-in by:
▪ Storing all our archives in<a href=""> ISO 28500 WARC files</a>*;
▪ Developing and releasing open source tools - <a href="">WARC Tools</a>;
▪ Enabling and encouraging the development of tools to support the standard WARC files;
▪ Ensuring interoperability between WARC files and third party tools**;
▪ Actively participate in standards bodies;
▪ Providing assistance to customers wishing to migrate their archive data to other systems, as part of our standard terms and conditions.
Hanzo also supports worry-free migration on termination of contract. After all, we are a service provider and don't believe in taking businesses hostage in any way.

What we do believe in (and stand behind) are our web and social media archiving products, solutions, and partnerships. We're in the business of fulfilling the needs businesses have in regards to accountability, regulatory compliance, and e-discovery. I invite you to experience Hanzo technology first-hand.

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* An open standard developed by the <a href="">International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC)</a>, which includes Hanzo and various national libraries.
** We actively work with national libraries and archives on migrating and supporting WARC files produced and consumed by multiple WARC compatible software systems.

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