What’s Next? New social media sites are coming to compliance and e-discovery


Most people might guess that Facebook is the largest social network site in the world and that YouTube is a close second. However, how many of us have heard of the world’s third largest social network, Qzone?

As <a href="http://www.businessinsider.com/a-global-social-media-census-2013-10">Cooper Smith writes on Business Insider</a>, the social media world is “no longer all about Facebook.” Facebook and YouTube each have in excess of 1 billion users, but Qzone, China’s largest social media site, has over 700 million. If your company, firm, or organization does business in China, Qzone ought to be on your compliance, regulatory and litigation radar.

If you look at the list of the largest social media networks in Smith’s report, you will surely see other unfamiliar names. Additionally, the usage numbers are staggering. The odds are very good that every sizable organization is interacting with these sites via employees, partners, suppliers, or even competitors and ex-employees.

Smith’s article also made us think of some forward-looking questions:
<li>What is this list going to look like next year?</li>
<li>What new names will appear?</li>
<li>How will companies adapt to new sources of information?</li>
<li>How will company information be protected?</li>
<li>How will your compliance, information governance and e-discovery teams collect and preserve information on these sites?</li>
Hanzo’s client-side approach to web and social media collection and preservation makes it easy for our customers to adapt to new sources of content. They know that as sites come and go (think MySpace), Hanzo’s true native-format collections will continue to integrate with their existing compliance and e-discovery tools.

To see how we can help you be ready for new social media sites:

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