Why and How to Archive Web and Social Media Content


'Tis the season to wrap up 2011 and prepare for a strong kick-off to 2012.

The future forecast, considering global financial markets continue to crest and dive, demands clear communication throughout the marketplace--from governments to businesses, businesses to businesses and businesses to consumers.

<strong>Case in point</strong>

Whether it be lack of staff or lax information management protocols, operational and legal web content continues to create costly challenges across all industries.

<a title="Web Archiving Solutions For eDiscovery" href="http://www.hanzoarchives.com/learning/web-archiving-solutions-for-ediscovery/">ediscovery</a> requests and proof of authenticity regarding online content is more specific than ever before. Inconsistencies in terms and conditions, terms of use, contest rules and regulations, and advertising campaigns published on multiple company and affiliate websites result in both financial loss and varying levels of brand damage.

Take for instance, the insurance giant who purchased another insurance provider. In doing so, the terms and conditions of their insurance policies changed. What was published on the company's website differed from what their claims and legal departments understood to be the actual terms and conditions. This caused the insurance company to enforce a misnomer about their terms and conditions and denied a family's claim. I was interviewed regarding this instance and demonstrated how web archives could be (and ultimately were) used to "solve" the mystery of the applicable terms.
<li>A husband and wife decide to purchase insurance policies for the main purpose of protecting each other and their children, should either of them need critical care.</li>
<li>Their youngest child is suddenly diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor, well after the parents' policies are active.</li>
<li>While visiting her ill child in the hospital, she finds out from another parent that her own insurance policy covers care for her sick child as well.</li>
<li>The wife goes home and asks her husband to check their policy and, according to the terms and conditions the insurance company has published online, they discover their sick child is indeed supposed to be covered under their policy at no additional cost.</li>
<li>The husband calls to make a claim and is told that, at the time they signed their policy, children were not covered. Distressing news since the family were not only facing the worry for their child's health, but also the costs of getting him the best care and supporting their family through this difficult experience.</li>
<li>Having had their original claim denied, the husband feels that--since they pay their policy monthly and the terms and conditions on the insurance company's website should apply to their current policy--their claim is valid.</li>
<li>The husband reaches out to a well-known investigative TV reporter and consumer advocate. He does some digging to discover that, due to a processing delay, the day the couple's policies took effect, the terms and conditions of the company did include children's critical care at no extra cost. This story was broadcast to millions of viewers.</li>
<li>Eventually, the insurance company approves the couple's claim, but not without sustaining severe damage to their brand reputation.</li>
<li>If this insurance company had native format web archives, they could have accessed their content archive to discover that the family was in the right and avoided brand damage.</li>
This is just one of many "whys" surrounding the need for archived web and social media content. As for the "hows", Hanzo Archives has a free webinar you can attend to learn more. We actually have two for December. Just register for either or both at the corresponding links below, or <a title="Contact Us" href="http://www.hanzoarchives.com/contact-us/">contact us</a> directly to discuss your specific needs.

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