Why Social Media Archiving Reduces Regulatory Risk

As brick and mortar companies come around to the idea of social media platforms being powerful business tools, they also struggle with regulatory risks.

In his article, "<a href="">Social Media Carries Regulatory Risks,</a>" author Taylor Provost outlines how these risks impact the compliance of regulated organizations, and how they're adapting existing communication policies to include social media. The article also points out that, before social media, there wasn't a far-reaching way for employees to make public statements about companies. Now, it can be done in seconds.

This is one of several reasons we focus on assisting companies with information management. Our blog contains this <a title="Litigation Hold and Web Archiving" href="">post</a> and this <a title="Web Archiving on the Rise as eDiscovery Costs Soar" href="">one</a> about the necessity of including web and social media archiving in all information governance policies for compliance.

There's no question web and social media archiving serves information governance in many ways. One of the main benefits is that, when captured and preserved properly in native format, all of the media and data contained within each archive features proof of authenticity. Another benefit is the easy retrieval and "playback" of the web and social media content as it first appeared online, which in turn creates clear audit trails.

Though Provost's article focuses more on how to reduce or eliminate risks associated with corporate social media use, including web and social media archiving as part of information governance now is a conservative and practical choice.

Email use is fading as new communication platforms arise. This means current methods of preserving ESI for compliance audits and eDiscovery is destined to become obsolete.

Read more on web archiving and information governance by downloading our <a title="Web Archiving Solutions for Information Governance" href="">white paper</a>.

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