Dynamic Capture for Challenging Sources

If you can see it in a browser, you can capture and preserve it along with the most interactive data sources on the web today.


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The Web Isn’t Static, Why Are Your Archives?

Hanzo Dynamic Capture provides authenticity via the highest-fidelity, full context dynamic capture, archive, and preservation of the web, collaboration apps, and social media content, with immutable retention that meets WORM storage standards.


Demonstrate Compliance With Confidence

Modern websites with interactive features like sliders, videos, drop-downs, forms, and personalized customer journeys aid in storytelling and communicating effectively with customers. These interactive features are challenging for most archiving solutions.

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Keep on Top of All Changes With Alerts

Accidents happen, and alerts call your attention to them so that you can fix it.

  • Add-on to Hanzo Dynamic Capture provides proactive alerts
  • Automated search query scans archived web content to identify risks
  • Be the first to know about non-compliant material on your site
  • Empowers rapid remediation

Why Hanzo Dynamic Capture for Web Archiving?

  • Customizable Archive
  • Analyze
  • Secure + Control
  • View in Context
  • Defensible Authenticity

Customizable Archive

Customize your capture to get only what you need to demonstrate compliance. Employ immutable web archiving that preserves native functionality and full metadata for today's highly interactive web and social media data.



Web and social data is processed and indexed, offering sophisticated search and analyze functionality to help you quickly find information across your data.


Secure + Control

Secure data archiving with the peace of mind that Hanzo is SOC2 Certified. Control user and team permissions for security and operational efficiency of compliance workflows.


View in Context

Your high fidelity archives are as real as if you were looking at the live site. Capture specific customer journeys, or site variations based on role. Review and even interact with your dynamic web archive to demonstrate logic behind interactivity and full context.


Defensible Authenticity

Hanzo stores forensically-sound collections in a WARC (Web ARChive) file that provides a complete audit trail including the hash value for the collection in the metadata — demonstrating a defensible process. The archive is preserved in WORM (Write Once Read Many) storage that is unalterable.


Security That Instills Peace of Mind

We focus on security and certifications so you don't have to.

  • SOC2 Type 2 Certified
  • Architected to be Secure from the Ground up
  • Enterprise grade controls

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Helpful Archiving Resources For Compliance


Archiving Complex CMS

Hanzo’s Compliance Archiving of Advanced CMS is the guide digital marketing and compliance professionals can use to understand best practices for capturing web content.

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Compliance Marketing Guide

See what regulations you might need to understand as a digital marketer, and should be mindful of when working with an archiving solution.

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Website Archiving Essentials

The Web Archiving Essentials Collection provides timely, detailed, practical information on how to stay compliant while using your CMS to provide an ideal user experience.

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