Hanzo Chronicle 

Compliance Confidence

Ensure defensible data preservation, archiving, and auditing in compliance with SEC, FINRA, and FDA regulations.


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The Most Defensible Digital Archiving Solution

Organizations must comply with increasingly complex regulations around archiving and preserving their online content, communications, internal audit systems, and digital marketing. While historically, a PDF or screenshot was sufficient to meet regulatory expectations, the increasingly interactive, personalized, and dynamic landscape of the modern web requires an accurate archived version of communications and content in their native format. Hanzo provides the context and a complete experience around the preserved information.
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Why Hanzo Chronicle

  • Single System Of Record
  • Defensible Process
  • Control and Automation
  • Notifications and Tasks
  • Alerts on Content

Single System Of Record

Single solution stores native (live functionality) playback of your site complete with time stamps ensuring authentic and verifiable records.


Defensible Process

Generate PDF reports and Audit logs during or after a review showing which pages have passed or failed, including reviewers’ annotations.


Control and Automation

Establish automatically recurring reviews for when you need to review the same content on a regular schedule (such as for FINRA disclosure statements or privacy disclosures for GDPR) or create single reviews on an ad-hoc basis.


Notifications and Tasks

Reviewer notifications show start and due dates for assigned tasks, so managers never miss a deadline.


Alerts on Content

Proactive alerts identify risks and non-compliant material on your site, empowering rapid remediation.


The Web Isn’t Static, Why Are Your Archives?

Hanzo Chronicle is powered by our proprietary Dynamic Capture Technology archives and preserves data that other solutions can’t, like websites with personalized and interactive components, social media, and data from internal SaaS systems. It provides authenticity via the highest fidelity, full-context captures, and immutable archives that comply with internal auditing requirements and regulations.



Automated Dynamic Web Capture That Makes Compliance Easy

Fortune 500 companies trust Hanzo for best-in-class enterprise information archiving. 

Preserve Dynamic Content Immutably For Defensibility Under Review

Preserve captured web, SaaS, and social media content in WARC file format consistent with ISO 28500 on immutable (WORM) storage, and ensure documentation of SHA-256 hash values. Serialize and time-date records


Search, Review, And Export Archived Web Content In Native Format

Use the Hanzo viewer to review and playback your archives in their native format. Users can engage with the original, contextual experience of your rich and dynamic website and social media content as presented on the exact date and time of capture. 


Dynamic Capture for Dynamic Content

Capture challenging content that other solutions can’t such as web sliders, videos, dropdowns, ROI calculators, forms, and customized customer journeys. Your dynamic capture is quality assured to capture what you intend and is preserved in native format for high fidelity replay.


Simplify Your Compliance Workflow

With dedicated review features, compliance professionals can review and flag pages for potential violations, make annotations, and assign teammates for further action, tracking everything along the way with a full audit trail.


Annotate Compliance Reviews For Better Records

Keep track of every detail in the compliance review process. Confidently publish content knowing that all decisions are accurately documented.


Secure + Controlled Access

Secure data archiving with the peace of mind that Hanzo is SOC2 Certified. Extend controlled access to users and teams as well as third-parties, including regulators, to view particular archives within your Hanzo environment.


Keep on Top of All Changes With Alerts

Accidents happen, and alerts call your attention to them so that you can fix them.

  • Add-on to Chronicle provides proactive alerts
  • Automated search query scans archived web content to identify risks
  • Be the first to know about non-compliant material on your site
  • Empowers rapid remediation

Security That Instills Peace of Mind

We focus on security and certifications so you don't have to.

  • SOC2 Type 2 Certified
  • Architected to be Secure from the Ground up
  • Enterprise grade controls

Learn About Security

Helpful Archiving Resources For Compliance


Archiving Complex CMS

Hanzo’s Compliance Archiving of Advanced CMS is the guide digital marketing and compliance professionals can use to understand best practices for capturing web content.

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Compliance Marketing Guide

See what regulations you might need to understand as a digital marketer, and should be mindful of when working with an archiving solution.

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Website Archiving Essentials

The Web Archiving Essentials Collection provides timely, detailed, practical information on how to stay compliant while using your CMS to provide an ideal user experience.

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