Capture Dynamic Content & Assure Compliance

Demonstrate your compliance with dynamic web archiving and monitoring that is ready for modern complexities.


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Why Hanzo for Demonstrating Compliance?

  • Dynamic Capture
  • Automate Monitoring
  • Defensible Compliant Retention
  • Quality Assured
  • High Fidelity Archives
  • Simplify Management & Production

Dynamic Capture

Modern CMS like Sitecore and Adobe Experience Manager along with sliders, forms, personalized content, ROI calculators and more are captured accurately and contextually.

Automate Monitoring

Keyword-based monitoring and daily alerts for your organization’s web and social media activity to quickly identify and respond to risks.

Defensible Compliant Retention

Automated and immutable archiving of web, team collaboration, and social media content and data in their original context through fully navigable, true-native format replicas that meet ISO 28500 and SEC 17a-4 WORM storage standards.

Quality Assured

Hanzo’s experienced professional services team offers an added layer of quality assurance that ensures that your captures don’t miss a thing by comparing with your live site.

High Fidelity Archives

Seeing is believing. Your high fidelity archives are as real as if you were looking at the live site and will elevate the standard of evidence when reviewed in a regulatory audit.

Simplify Management & Production

Surface policy violations and malicious content with sophisticated search, filter, and sort capabilities, then produce your records in an export-ready package with organizational functionality and user management features built to save you time.

Connectors to Solve Your Complex Ediscovery & Compliance Challenges

Get the data you need from the applications that power your business.

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Embrace Interactive & Personalized Data While Managing the Risk

It’s a competitive world full of uncertainty. Your ability to cut through the noise and tell your story to connect with customers is critical. Dynamic, interactive websites and personalized communication is more important than ever to share your message.


Security That Instills Peace of Mind

We focus on security and certifications so you don't have to.

  • SOC2 Type 2 Certified
  • Architected to be Secure from the Ground up
  • Enterprise grade controls

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Compliance Education: Web and Social Media Archiving

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Why Capturing Context Is the Cornerstone of a Truly Defensible Content Collection

A comprehensive, informational guide on the most proven method for modern-day web content preservation.

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Archiving Complex CMS

Hanzo’s Compliance Archiving of Advanced CMS is the guide digital marketing and compliance professionals can use to understand best practices for capturing web content.

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Compliance Marketing Guide

See what regulations you might need to understand as a digital marketer, and should be mindful of when working with an archiving solution.

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