Hanzo Dynamic Capture Technology 

Technology to capture the most dynamic sources viewable by a browser.


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Technology For Unique Data Management Problems

With Hanzo Dynamic Capture technology, organizations can save time, manage risk, and get the most out of their data.



Data is Not Always Accessible Via API

Organizations need to capture dynamic, personalized, highly interactive web content where the interface reveals critical data and context and where APIs still need to be developed to satisfy ediscovery needs.



Collect Any Data Viewable By A Browser

Hanzo’s Dynamic Capture technology solves this problem by defensibly collecting from dynamic websites and hard-to-capture SaaS sources where the user interface offers critical contextual information that may not be available via API.

The high-fidelity native captures allow organizations to review and interact with data as if they were looking at the live site, elevating the standard of evidence when reviewed in an investigation or litigation.

Why Hanzo's Dynamic Capture Technology

Confidently capture websites with interactive features like sliders, videos, drop-downs, forms, personalized customer journeys, and SaaS systems where the interface imparts critical context. 


Key Benefits

  • Captures highly interactive web and SaaS data others can't. 
  • Customizable Archive captures personal journeys and exactly what you want.
  • Automated crawling saves time and eliminates human error. 
  • Native playback mimics the live functionality of your site.
  • Empowers rapid remediation and efficient response to incidents.

Ready to See Hanzo in Action?

Contact us for a demo and see why some of the most recognizable brands in the world trust Hanzo to manage the challenges of modern enterprise ediscovery and compliance today.

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