Hanzo is an application that collects and processes web/interactive content in a dynamic way so that it can be reviewed in Relativity (or other review platforms) with full interactivity. Hanzo eliminates static screenshots of web pages and social media pages. Links work, and you can expand text and view the website or other web content in much the same way you would in a browser. Hanzo's major challenge is that it is hard to describe in words how dynamic the tool is.
It must be seen to be believed.
Ryan O'Leary, IDC, Relativity Fest 2018: The Debut of Conversational Review and Other Highlights, Doc # US44397018, November 2018


ediscovery review built for today's data


review naturally

Navigate and review dynamic data naturally by simply toggling between PDF and native views.


streamline review

Easily import Hanzo dynamic data into Relativity with the click of a button, or simply export packaged files for use in any review platform.


master modern data

Collect and review hard-to-capture web-based data view dynamic context to uncover responsive evidence more quickly.



Effortlessly package and move data for use in other case management and review platforms.


relativity compatible

Fully compatible with RelativityOne and Relativity versions 9.6 and 9.5.


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