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Preview Enterprise Slack Environments Before Collecting Any Content


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Streamline Slack Data Collections

With Hanzo's Dynamic Mapping technology, organizations can gain an understanding of their Slack environment before collecting a single bit.


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Slack Data Volumes Out of Control

The shift of corporations using Slack as a primary communication channel means channels, data, and usage is exploding. These environments have mindboggling numbers of channels making identifying what you need to collect a nightmare.



Preview Relationships Between Channels And Custodians

Hanzo's Dynamic Mapping technology solves this problem by mapping an organization's Slack structure quickly. With this pre-collection intelligence, legal teams can see which channels are associated with which custodians and figure out who and who not to put on hold.

Why Hanzo's Dynamic Mapping Technology

Get a handle on the parameters and scope of your Slack Cloud environment before you embark on preservation or collection.


Key Benefits

  • Dynamic Map of Slack Cloud environment provides visibility to Public Channels, Private Channels, Direct Messages, Multi-Party Direct Messages, and Slack Connect
  • View the Slack Custodian List build and see the Custodian/Channel relationships for better scoping and insights.
  • No message content is required making the initial view faster.
  • Automatically daily updates as new channels are added to the Slack environment

Ready to See Hanzo in Action?

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