Hanzo is a great tool for collecting data from dynamic databases and other web-based sources. Not only does it provide us with the ability to preserve and collect from otherwise difficult data sources, but it enables us to produce in an understandable and presentable format.


Wendy Riggs, Twitter

Smart Archiving Solutions


Contextual ESI Discovery

Answer the “what happened?” question with fully navigable, true-native replicas of highly complex data sources: websites, social media, and team collaboration tools.


Web Archiving

Preserve collected data in immutable .WARC (Web ARChive) files, aligning with ISO 28500 Standards, so your archives are never affected by the live web.


Policy Compliance

Surface policy violations or potentially malicious content with sophisticated search, filter, and sort capabilities.



Deploy on-premises to maintain full control of internal data, or leverage the power of the cloud to simplify the collection of public sources.


Gold-standard QA

Rely on Hanzo’s gold-standard support, from manual QA and elite professional services to affidavits, declarations, and expert witness testimony.


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Set your team free to collaborate while you achieve hero status.

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