eDiscovery is changing, and the increasing requirement of collecting dynamic content makes it difficult for organizations to create efficient processes. How does the enterprise use AI and other smart tools to address the needs of the changing digital landscape?

In this webinar, Relativity CEO, Andrew Sieja and Hanzo CEO, Kevin Gibson, will discuss the challenges of proactive eDiscovery and the benefits of building an eDiscovery ecosystem within your organization.

Join us to learn about:
  • The challenges of preserving dynamic content
  • How AI is impacting the eDiscovery profession
  • Methods for dealing with increased collections of unstructured content
  • How the Hanzo + Relativity integration will affect your workflow


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Andrew Sieja

CEO at Relativity

Andrew Sieja is the CEO of Relativity. He founded it as a software consultancy in February 2001 and successfully pivoted it into a fast-growing enterprise software company in 2007. Andrew loves technology, is a computer programmer by trade, and prior to starting Relativity has worked as a technologist for a variety of multi-nationals and consulting firms. As CEO, Andrew has five key goals for Relativity: offer a great product, provide relentless customer support, ensure team members love their jobs, positively impact the community, and grow to be a great software company.


Kevin Gibson

CEO at Hanzo

Kevin spent time working in Silicon Valley and Australia before returning home to the UK, determined to start a successful technology-based business in his hometown. There, he founded Jiva, a technology company that builds social applications and has a passion for great engineering. During a 15 year career in the technology industry, he was Vice President Europe, Middle East and Africa for Ariba Inc. Prior to Ariba, Kevin spent over seven years with SAP. Kevin has a Masters degree in engineering and a Masters in business administration from UWA.

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