Purpose-built Discovery for Enterprise Collaboration

Control collaboration data risk from Slack and Google Workspace and empower your legal, governance, and compliance teams.


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Supreme Function, Total Ease

  • Limit risk and data volumes by preserving exactly the right data in place when applying legal holds in Slack, and collecting when needed for early case assessments — enabling effective internal investigations using built-in search and analytics capabilities.
  • Designed to ensure sound legal hold and defensible retention policies and demonstrable via complete audit logs.
  • Capture Slack in context including past edits, deletions, conversation threads, embedded content precisely applicable to your defined scope of discovery or investigation needs.
  • Powerful insights and automation for identifying where and when custodians are interacting across Slack, including channel and direct message lists. Search and visual analytics aid in showing relevant hot spots.
  • Surgical exports of exactly the right content in an ediscovery review-ready format.
  • User-friendly control for managing scope of matters, adding and removing custodians, and including and excluding Slack channels.

Why Purpose-built Discovery for Collaboration Is Better

  • Unified Workspace for Collaboration Data
  • Defensible Legal Hold
  • Targeted Collection
  • Powerful Early Case Assessment
  • Review-ready Export & Reporting

Unified Workspace for Collaboration Data

One interface controlling collaborative tools, data preservation and data collection. Saves time, training costs and the need for multiple systems. A single user has better access to critical tasks and can be more efficient at managing complex data sources than ever before.


Defensible Legal Hold

Manage your defensible legal hold process over complex enterprise collaboration data with ease and flexibility. Hanzo Hold enables you to connect directly to enterprise collaboration applications to automate the management of content subject to a legal hold. Hanzo also empowers corporate governance teams to manage data risk even when preserve-in-place is not viable, ensuring you can meet your duty to preserve data while adhering to enterprise information governance and data retention policies.


Targeted Collection

Tackle vast volumes of data by getting a better handle on the electronically stored information you have before you collect even a single bit. Hanzo connects to collaboration applications directly and helps navigate the application data to understand information organization and volumes to collect.


Powerful Early Case Assessment

Hanzo provides users with an enhanced search capability by indexing files and storing the original metadata for each file.

Quickly visualize hot spots within Slack data and drill in for insights to determine relevance.

Users may search, preview and tag files in order to perform investigations or prepare data for precise export in review-ready formats.


Review-ready Export & Reporting

Exporting and reporting could not be easier. If an export is required, users may select review platform options and export native/text/metadata files which virtually eliminates the need to reprocess data in a review platform. A full audit report as well as metadata file information can be exported if necessary along with user usage information.


Software We Help With


Best Practice Ediscovery And Information Governance For Slack Collaboration Data

Enterprises have adopted Slack to foster collaboration and fuel productivity. Hanzo Hold for Slack is the purpose-built solution that empowers legal, governance and compliance teams to preserve, collect, analyze and export Slack collaboration data for investigations and discovery responses.


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Enterprise-Grade Data Management That’s Simple Yet Powerful for Google Workspace

Corporations around the globe have adopted Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), an integrated app toolset that’s simple to use and powers collaboration and productivity from anywhere. With the integration of Hanzo Hold and Google Workspace, organizations can easily apply a legal hold to Google Vault, unifying the management of collaborative data sources for discovery.

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Security That Instills Peace of Mind

We focus on security and certifications so you don't have to.

  • SOC2 Type 2 Certified
  • Architected to be Secure from the Ground up
  • Enterprise grade controls

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Preserving & Collecting Enterprise Slack Data

This guide reviews provides a step-by-step guide to preserving and collecting enterprise data on Slack, along with best practices for implementation.

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Case Study | BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed’s legal and IT teams find Hanzo Hold easy-to-use and efficient for finding relevant Slack messages in response to ediscovery and investigations.

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Managing Emojis in eDiscovery

Enterprise collaboration applications present unforeseen challenges for ediscovery, data management, and risk. Read this guide where experts discuss the challenges of managing data risk.

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