Google Workspace
(G Suite) eDiscovery
Made Easy

Identify, protect, and collect targeted Google Workspace (G Suite) data.


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  • Unified platform for collaboration tools
  • Create and manage Google Vault holds and target collection
  • Enriched metadata beyond what is available from Vault
  • Efficient ECA culling by metadata, keywords, custodian, and date
  • Review-ready exports save time and no need for extra processing
  • Know you have the exact version with file and revision history


Why Hanzo Google Workspace Discovery

Hanzo Hold empowers corporations to apply legal holds and collect targeted Google Workplace data, adhere to information governance policies, and meet the duty to preserve data for litigation and compliance.


Granular Control

Hanzo Hold provides management of Google Vault holds, preservations and collections making it easier to understand and control. Provides a better user experience and potential control over multiple platforms with Slack integration. You also have granular controls over access groups.


Easy Workflow + Single Interface

One interface controlling collaborative tools, data preservation and data collection. Saves time, training costs and need for multiple systems. A single user has better access to critical tasks.


Precise Searching

Hanzo provides visibility to enhanced metadata well beyond that which is offered in Google Vault. Once data is collected, Hanzo does a full data index. File searching comes to life in Hanzo with the availability of full text and metadata creating more precise search returns. Legal teams will find Hanzo Hold for Google Workspace provides greater search depth than Google Search/Vault alone. Users enjoy more accurate and complete search results and reports with enriched data to export in a review-ready format to review platforms.


Speed to knowledge

Visually navigate preserved files and folders in Google Workspace using Hanzo’s innovative Google Drive Explorer. With the Hanzo Drive Explorer, it is easier to understand unstructured data across both individual and shared drives. Legal teams save time with the user-friendly interface for helping to identify what to feature in collection scope.


Targeted Collection

Reduce overall collection sizes by precisely defining custodians (users) and their data by using visual tools such as Hanzo's Google Drive Explorer along with date filters. Targeted collections reduce time in transfer, indexing and processing. Smaller data sets provide downstream advantages in review platforms with less “noise” and more targeted data to review.


Resource Friendly

Easy to manage and maintain with the latest revisions. No extra hardware or software costs required saving money and IT resources. Easy to use with an OS-agnostic interface.


Security That Instills Peace of Mind

We focus on security and certifications so you don't have to.

  • SOC2 Type 2 Certified
  • Architected to be Secure from the Ground up
  • Enterprise grade controls

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Helpful Resources To Support Your Corporate Ediscovery Team


Hanzo Hold for Google Workspace Data Sheet

This datasheet provides an overview of the features and benefits of Hanzo Hold for Google Workspace (G Suite).

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Hanzo Ediscovery Guide for Google Workspace

Organizations that use Google Workspace are sitting on a tremendous store of discoverable information. This guide provides a how-to manage discovery quickly, affordably, and defensibly.

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On-Demand Webinar: Google Workspace Ediscovery 

Organizations that use Google Workspace have massive volumes of discoverable information in their system. This webinar discusses how to manage ediscovery with Google Workspace content efficiently, affordably, and defensibly.

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