Real-Time Data Insights for Lightning-Fast Responses to Employee Investigations

Identify, Search & Review Communication Data



HR teams gain immediate and ongoing insights into enterprise communications, giving them the ability to de-escalate potential triggering events, as well as respond and resolve internal investigations quickly and effectively before they grow into costly lawsuits.

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The Best Solution for Google, Slack, and Collaboration Applications



The Need for Speed

Internal Investigations can often be resolved in a matter of hours IF legal and HR can access pertinent communications data. However, traditional processes rely on 3rd party vendors for collection and processing, and outside counsel for review, all of which add time, cost, and risk.


Hanzo Gives Human Resources Teams a Single View Into Their Company’s Data

With Hanzo, Human Resources teams gain immediate and ongoing insights into enterprise communications, giving them the power to respond quickly to triggering events and effectively resolve issues before incurring additional cost and risk.


Enterprise Communications Are No Longer Just Email

Email is still vital within any organization, but with the global remote workforce of the 21st century, internal investigation teams need an easy-to-access view of their company’s data, including chat, social media, and SaaS-based collaboration tools. 


Hanzo Gives Human Resources Teams a Complete Picture of Collaboration Data

Hanzo gives immediate views into hard-to-capture data sources like Slack, Google Suite, Jira, as well as other SaaS platforms and internal systems, while maintaining the context of the conversation, including attachments, emojis, and metadata. Investigators can view and interact with collaboration data as if they were looking at the live site, giving a clear understanding of the situation for a fair and quick resolution.


HR Often Isn’t Aware of a Problem Until it’s a Crisis

Internal conflicts often brew slowly beneath the surface, and HR doesn’t become involved until things have become a full-blown crisis. 


Hanzo Gives HR the Ability to De-Escalate

Ongoing insights into enterprise communications can reveal problems before it’s too late, giving team leaders a chance to find solutions before an investigation is needed. Not only does this avoid the need for drastic measures, but it can also reveal inefficiencies and communication issues which may be hampering innovation and success. It’s a win-win.


Involving External Stakeholders in Internal Investigation Adds Time, Risk & Cost

Internal Investigations can traditionally include data handoffs between multiple stakeholders – IT, Outside Counsel, Legal Service Providers – which increases data risk and cost, while slowing down the investigation.


Hanzo Keeps Human Resources Investigations In-House

Hanzo preserves data in-place at the point of creation, giving HR teams insight into communications without collection, leading to speedy resolutions, while reducing risk and cost. And all data automatically synchronizes across platforms so there’s no need to re-pull or deduplicate data for future matters.

Resources To Support Human Resources


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Early case assessment focuses on gathering facts to assess and mitigate the risk to prosecute or defend a legal case. In this session, learn how to maximize the effectiveness of ECA.

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Case Study | Postmates

Read how Postmates legal, HR and IT teams use Hanzo Hold to quickly search for, preserve, and collect Slack data in its native format with full context available.

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Let us empower your Human Resources Team

Fortune 500 companies trust Hanzo with the data they need for investigations and litigation. Contact us today to schedule a demo.

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Hanzo’s Enterprise Solutions Help You Manage Risk Everywhere Work Is Done


Internal Investigations

Identify, monitor, preserve, and collect all employee communication & collaboration data to resolve issues before they lead to expensive litigation.

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Litigation & eDiscovery

Defensibly Preserve and Collect data across all your company’s SaaS apps (including Slack and other hard-to-capture data sources), while orchestrating cross-platform legal holds in just a few clicks.

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Enterprise Information Archiving

Gain insights into unstructured data and ensure defensible data preservation by archiving and auditing public websites and internal SaaS systems.

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Intellectual Property Protection

Mitigate risk and provide defensible proof in the event of IP disputes through consistent records management, including employee and vendor communications across all platforms.

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