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Illuminate Enterprise Data for Everyone Who Needs It

Empower organizations to preserve-in-place, collect, investigate, cull, and export dynamic collaboration data, efficiently and defensibly.


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The Best Enterprise Information Governance and Ediscovery Solution For Collaboration

Organizations need a solution that defensibly preserves and collects enterprise data wherever work gets done —Slack, Google, Teams, Jira, cloud-based apps, and internal systems—empowering legal teams with robust search and data visualizations to quickly uncover insight and produce records in an export-ready package.
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Why Hanzo Illuminate

  • Agile Data Collection Approach
  • Automatic Slack Ecosystem Preview + ECA
  • Single-Point Data Management of Google Workspace & Slack
  • Complete Picture of Collaboration Data
  • Rapid Risk Mitigation with Spotlight Search

Agile Data Collection Approach

APIs are a valuable way of connecting with data sources, but with the rapid pace of new SaaS applications being adopted at the enterprise level, waiting for purpose-built APIs for ediscovery and compliance can put organizations at risk. Solutions combining API and Dynamic Capture technology can bridge the gap with complex data sources for a future-proof approach.


Automatic Slack Ecosystem Preview + ECA

Previewing Slack structure with Dynamic Mapping technology makes it easy to target collections. Powerful search and data visualization tools aid in identifying additional collections based on key metadata or file content to narrow relevant datasets for export to leading review platforms.


Single-Point Data Management of Google Workspace & Slack

Hanzo Illuminate allows you to easily create and release legal holds in Slack or Google Workspace without collecting a single file, while removing bottlenecks between IT, Legal, and Investigations teams with easy data access.


Complete Picture of Collaboration Data

Hanzo defensibly preserves and collects digital communications – Slack, Google Workspace, Jira, Asana and other SaaS platforms and internal systems – while maintaining the context of the conversation, including attachments, emoji, and metadata.


Rapid Risk Mitigation with Spotlight Search

Hanzo identifies message content containing PII, PCI, PHI, access credentials, trade secrets, and toxic language. Understanding Slack message content allows internal investigation teams or IT departments to quickly locate sensitive information and uncover unwanted workplace behavior.


Has Your Risk Management Strategy Kept Up With Technology?

The average enterprise uses 288 SaaS apps across the organization. The average employee uses 10 different apps to collaborate and communicate daily. While these apps make us more connected and efficient, they complicate risk management. Are you ready?



Collect Exactly What You Need and Nothing More

Use Hanzo to precisely control your eDiscovery processes and respond effortlessly to eDiscovery and audit requests, internal investigations, or HR-related matters.

Scope + Preserve

Manage the precise preservation of data with Hanzo's Dynamic Mapping technology. An easy-to-use interface puts you in control of your legal hold matters.


Spotlight Search

Narrow your search results to specific messages or emails containing over 100 types of PII/PHI/Financial information or IT-related security data. Additionally, you can search for a specific behavior, toxic or aggressive language, hate speech, and bullying.



Complete visibility both within matters and across the entire application provides necessary auditing and reporting information.


Early Case Assessment

Conduct analysis and early case assessment (ECA) of preserved data with advanced text and metadata search, and visualize hot spots to quickly gain insights to determine relevance.


Tag + Cull

Easily cull down information and tag responsive data for export and/or further review, significantly reducing the volume of data that you need to send out for costly review.


Report +Export

Easily report on key metadata, channel, and custodian information. Efficiently package and move data directly from Hanzo into the review platform of your choice to share with your legal or internal investigation teams.


Security That Instills Peace of Mind

We focus on security and certifications so you don't have to.

  • SOC2 Type 2 Certified
  • Architected to be Secure from the Ground up
  • Enterprise grade controls

Learn About Security

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