Superior Compliance and Data Governance with Hanzo

Defensible Data Archiving Across All Your Organization’s Communications Channels



Reduce risk, cost, and time spent on manual tasks, while easily managing requests from legal teams, HR, and government regulators, ensuring defensible data preservation and compliance through automated data archiving and auditing of public websites as well as internal SaaS systems.

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The Best Solution for Google, Slack, and Collaboration Applications



Manual Processes and Multiple Tools

Approaching data management and compliance manually can lead to wasted hours, human error, hefty non-compliance fines, and ESI spoliation sanctions.


Hanzo Optimizes IT Resources by Automating Manual Tasks

Hanzo precisely manages your company’s automated enterprise archiving without the need for a sitemap, so you can be confident you’re capturing the data you need – whether it's maintaining regular retention policies, meeting compliance standards, or preserving data under legal hold for litigation – without the hassle of manually tracking an ever-changing website.


The Bottleneck Stops Here

When it comes to data collection, IT is often viewed as a bottleneck by other departments. That’s why tools which empower independence are vital.


Hanzo Makes Data Access Easy

With Hanzo’s easy-use-interface, departments like Legal and HR can quickly access data from any SaaS app in a usable format – without the help of IT. No difficult manual searching of JSON files, and data is presented in its native context, showing how the data appeared at the time of creation. Hanzo also reliably captures data other tools can’t, such as complex interactive content from Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal, Sitecore, and many enterprise SaaS systems.


So Much Data in So Many Places from So many Sources!

With the exponential growth of unstructured data, stringent data retention regulations, and the rise of a global remote workforce, IT departments need an archiving tool which enables them to maintain and preserve defensible data archives across all technology systems, including chat, social media, and SaaS based collaboration tools.


Hanzo Gives IT Complete Control of Collaboration Data

Hanzo defensibly archives and preserves hard-to-capture data sources like Slack, Google Workspace, Jira, and Confluence, as well as other SaaS platforms and internal systems, while maintaining the context of the conversation, including attachments, emojis, and metadata.

Resources To Support Your IT Team


Hanzo Tech Brief - Ediscovery of Atlassian Tools

If you use Confluence, Jira, or Trello, you need to be prepared to collect data from them. This tech brief provides an overview and helpful insights.

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Case Study | BuzzFeed

Learn how BuzzFeed uses Hanzo Hold to efficiently manage Slack eDiscovery and litigation response.

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How IT Can Better Support the Legal Department

How do legal professionals approach risk? Ideally, with the full support of IT. This post discusses how IT empowers legal teams' effective data management.

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Let us Empower Your Compliance and Data Management Programs

Fortune 500 IT Departments trust Hanzo for data archiving, data management, and compliance.

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Hanzo’s Enterprise Solutions Help You Manage Risk Everywhere Work Is Done


Internal Investigations

Identify, monitor, preserve, and collect all employee communication & collaboration data to resolve issues before they lead to expensive litigation.

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Litigation & eDiscovery

Defensibly preserve and collect data across all your company’s SaaS apps (including Slack and other hard-to-capture data sources), while orchestrating cross-platform legal holds in just a few clicks.

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Enterprise Information Archiving

Gain insights into unstructured data and ensure defensible data preservation by archiving and auditing public websites and internal SaaS systems.

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Intellectual Property Protection

Mitigate risk and provide defensible proof in the event of IP disputes through consistent records management, including employee and vendor communications across all platforms.

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