The number of requests and the costs of e-discovery have increased exponentially over the past few years.This emergent trend will continue to grow. Regulatory agencies, legal proceedings, and compliance mandates are setting the baseline for future governance of consumer-facing website and social media content.This is the landscape of e-discovery.

Archiving websites and social media content for e-discovery or to comply with other legal and regulatory requirements is technically challenging and can be costly and time-consuming to implement. The methods for doing so are numerous, but there is one clear path that is straightforward to implement, low risk, and cost effective — client-side native format web archiving.

Learn why some of the world’s largest financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies have turned to Hanzo Archives’ proven client-side native format web archiving solutions for their compliance and e-discovery needs.

Right now, regulatory agencies are refining their views on how they define web content, and how it should be captured for compliance audits. In cases of e-discovery, courts expect website and social media content to be treated like any other ESI, and preferably in native format. As companies receive more of these requests, web archiving is now essential to the protection and preservation of your business.


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