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Preserve Collaboration Data In-Place & Collect In-Context with Hanzo



For a just and speedy resolution to any matter, in-house legal teams must quickly uncover the facts. Hanzo allows you to preserve data in-place across all data sources and immediately begin searching for relevant ESI without requiring IT, outside counsel, or 3rd party service providers, saving time and money, while mitigating data risk.

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The Best eDiscovery Solution for Google, Slack, and Collaboration Applications



If You’re Reacting, It’s Too Late.

When facing an investigation or looming litigation, you don’t have time to begin the process of understanding your company’s data landscape.


Hanzo Gives Legal a Single View into all their Company’s Data

With Hanzo, in-house legal teams gain immediate and ongoing insights into enterprise communications before triggering events like litigation or internal investigations happen, giving them the power to respond quickly.


Evidence is No Longer Just Email

Email is still a large source of ESI, but with the global remote workforce of the 21st century, in-house legal teams need a single-view of all their company’s data, including chat, social media, and SaaS based collaboration tools.


Hanzo Gives Legal Teams a Complete Picture of Collaboration Data

Hanzo defensibly Preserves and Collects hard-to-capture data sources like Slack, Google Workspace, Jira, and Confluence, as well as other SaaS platforms and internal systems, while maintaining the context of the conversation, including attachments, emojis, and metadata. 


Reducing Legal Spend

Most legal departments are traditionally viewed as cost centers, but more and more, companies are looking for all parts of the enterprise to support business goals. 


Hanzo Can Turn Your Legal Spend into a Profit Center

  • Hanzo gives legal departments the ability to resolve internal investigations quickly and effectively before they can potentially grow into costly lawsuits. 
  • Should litigation arise, Hanzo enables legal departments to reduce the amount of data sent to outside counsel for review, which is the costliest part of the eDiscovery process. 
  • Hanzo’s insights into company data can reveal inefficiencies and communication issues which may be hampering innovation and success.

Manual Processes and Legacy Software 

Approaching eDiscovery manually can lead to wasted hours, human error, and a lack of defensibility should litigation arise. 


Hanzo Helps Legal Streamline and Automate Processes

Hanzo automates repeatable processes with the latest innovations in legal technology, while helping develop your legal strategy around a solid foundation of information governance instead of constantly putting out fires as they pop up.


Added Stakeholders Mean Added Data Risk

eDiscovery traditionally includes data handoffs between multiple stakeholders – IT, Outside Counsel, Legal Service Providers – which increases risk and cost. Being able to quickly identify and preserve relevant data without additional data handoffs, prevents over collection and data duplication without sacrificing defensibility.


Hanzo Avoids Duplicative Data Preservation and Collection Processes

Hanzo preserves data in-place at the point of creation so you can collect only what you need. And all data automatically synchronizes across platforms so there’s no need to re-pull or deduplicate data.

Resources To Support Your Enterprise Ediscovery  and Litigation 


Case Law Summary: Court Holds That Parties Can’t Slack Off 

A recent case out of California highlights that every organization using collaboration apps like Slack takes note that Slack communications are clearly relevant to discovery.

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[Guide] 5 Habits of Highly Successful Ediscovery Vendors

Corporate law departments that seek to reduce ediscovery costs and risks while improving results should consider the extent to which their ediscovery vendors embody the following five worthwhile habits.

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2021-10-webinar-Three-things-you-need-to-know-about-Slack’s-New-legal-hold-social (on-demand-1)

Three Things You Need To Know About Slack’s New Legal Hold

Tune in to learn how legal and IT can use Slack’s new legal hold within the Discovery API to govern Slack data, and meet preservation obligations.

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Let us Help Your Legal Department Step Into the Future

Fortune 500 companies trust Hanzo with the data they need for litigation and  investigations. Contact us today to schedule a demo.

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Hanzo’s Enterprise Solutions Help You Manage Risk Everywhere Work Is Done


Internal Investigations

Identify, monitor, preserve, and collect all employee communication & collaboration data to resolve issues before they lead to expensive litigation.

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Litigation &  eDiscovery

Defensibly Preserve and Collect data across all your company’s SaaS apps (including Slack and other hard-to-capture data sources), while orchestrating cross-platform legal holds in just a few clicks.

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Enterprise Information Archiving

Gain insights into unstructured data and ensure defensible data preservation by archiving and auditing public websites and internal SaaS systems.

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Intellectual Property Protection

Mitigate risk and provide defensible proof in the event of IP disputes through consistent records management, including employee and vendor communications across all platforms.

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