Targeted Microsoft Teams Ediscovery


Enterprise-Grade Ediscovery Collection & Insights for MS Teams

With Hanzo, enterprises can do pre-collection mapping of the application ecosystem, preserve data in-place, defensibly target captures, assess information in context, and present searchable data from Microsoft for litigation, investigations, and auditing.


Manage Risk, Reduce Costs, and Gain Contextual Insights from your Teams Data

Collaboration data volumes are massive and grow exponentially. Experience with Fortune 500 clients demonstrates, it is not unusual to see hundreds of millions of messages spread across millions of channels combined with one-to-one and group messages. Making sense of your environment, or even where to start, is overwhelming. Hanzo helps enterprises with this challenge.


Dynamic Data Mapping

See the connections between custodians & channels or direct messages with the first solution to map your environment pre-collection. Target and reduce data collection by up to 85 percent.*


Collection Intelligence 

Sharpen focus by knowing where conversations happen and who is involved. Leverage this understanding to improve early case assessment efficiency.


Context Rich Exports

Automatic contextual threading of Teams data brings the entire conversation into view. Review-ready exports speed outside counsel's access to data. No additional processing is required and an easy-to-view pdf makes the final review a breeze.

Data Insights Improve Legal Strategy And Risk Mitigation

Time and context are essential for enterprises to get the complete story when navigating vast amounts of messaging data. 


2023_hanzo_ms_teams_contextual review


Avoid over-collecting with pre-collection intelligence

Don’t collect everything into a data lake when you don’t have to. With Hanzo’s Dynamic Mapping Technology, pre-collection intelligence allows customers to reduce up to 85% of the collection. The dynamic map saves time because it automatically adds new channels as they become relevant to the matters in scope enabling enterprise legal teams to filter out channels and home in on the messages likely to be responsive.


Hanzo Dynamic Mapping Technology 


Visualizing MS Teams conversations in context is critical for decision making

Hanzo automatically organizes messaging content into contextual conversations that speed up early case assessment, providing information critical for strategic decision-making. Visualizing where conversations happen empowers enterprise teams to efficiently cull data. Pre-packaged review-ready exports don't require additional processing and show key information like edits/deletes, metadata, message, and custodial relationships.


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