Hanzo Announces Major Enhancements to its Compliance Archiving Platform To Help Customers Future Proof Against The Growing Complexity Of Dynamic Website Data

| 4/28/20 5:15 AM

Existing Fortune 100 and new prospective customers benefit from Hanzo's ongoing commitment to cutting-edge technology so that marketing innovation and compliance can go hand-in-hand.

Regulated corporations today are challenged to personalize their web presence and deliver complex information to customers in a way that is clear, compelling, and creating a memorable experience. As the customer experience becomes a key differentiator, compliance and marketing professionals must ensure that more and more dynamic information from complex websites is defensibly captured and preserved for regulatory compliance. 

Hanzo, the company known for its pioneering technology in dynamic web archiving for compliance and ediscovery, is announcing new innovations to deliver the highest quality captures of dynamic web content regardless of the complexity of the website. Hanzo Dynamic Capture is built to deliver the highest-fidelity contextual data captures for corporate ediscovery and compliance teams to preserve the most dynamic and interactive data sources today. 

Hanzo is releasing its fifth-generation crawler to support their long term commitment to capture the ever evolving landscape of web technologies. With a focus on rapid updates this technology will support the evergreen nature of today's web.  

“For over 10 years Hanzo has been focused on addressing enterprise challenges surrounding defensibly archiving dynamic data that is embodied by today’s interactive complex websites, social media, and collaboration applications,” said Keith Laska, CEO, Hanzo. “Our commitment is to future-proof current and future customers. That's why financial services and insurance marketers rely on Hanzo to capture the most complex charts, graphs, and personalized information so that they can easily meet their complex regulatory compliance requirements.” 


About Hanzo

Hanzo provides modern ediscovery and compliance software for enterprise organizations. Our solutions empower legal and compliance teams to efficiently manage the preservation, targeted collection and review of dynamic content from enterprise collaboration applications, social media, and complex websites. Hanzo is SOC 2® Type 2 certified, demonstrating Hanzo’s commitment to data security and serves large corporations across the globe—giving them control, visibility, and context over their data to reduce cost and mitigate risk. Learn more at hanzo.co.


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