Hanzo Examines Web and Social Content Preservation Trends

| 5/15/17 3:02 PM

Web and Social Content Capture Expert’s New E-Book Details Real-World Challenges Companies Face in Gathering and Retaining Data

Philadelphia, PA—May 15, 2017—Hanzo - considered the industry gold standard in the legally defensible collection and preservation of native format web and social media content for global brands - today announced it is publishing a guide detailing challenges and scenarios that organizations face in preserving data. The e-book, Real-World Examples of Web Content Preservation Trends from Top Companies, is available for free download at https://www.hanzo.co/real-world-examples-of-web-content-preservation-trends.

As technology continues to become more sophisticated, the challenges in preserving content for compliance and litigation become more complex. Data sources are no longer confined to websites, emails, and voicemails—they now also include collaboration tools and a variety of social media channels, and can be stored on a plethora of devices. Hanzo’s new e-book presents some of the challenges companies face with their Web and social content preservation. Features of the guide include:

  • Descriptions of three clear challenges that test organizations in gathering and retaining data
  • Six common scenarios that organizations encounter when dealing with Web and social content preservation

“Web content has grown in complexity over the years, often faster than organizations can keep up,” says Jim Donahue, Hanzo’s Vice President of Sales. “Preserving content in this rapidly evolving digital age is imperative to satisfy regulatory and legal requirements and establish a defensible chain of custody. Our new e-book explores a myriad of ways in which these challenges practically affect today’s companies.”

For additional information about this new e-book or Hanzo’s services, visit the company’s website at www.hanzo.co.

About Hanzo Inc.
Hanzo helps ambitious organizations extract value from their entire Web presence. We are the world leader in the legally defensible capture, preservation, and analysis of Web and social content. Hanzo was founded by a group of engineers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries to solve the biggest problems in capturing Web data. We’ve spent years developing the software to disrupt the market. Hanzo knows this space better than anyone else because we helped build it. And we’re not stopping there: Our mission is to connect organizations back to data, thus enabling them to capture, record, analyze, and act on it. For more information, visit www.hanzo.co.


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