Hanzo Gives Corporate Legal and Compliance Teams Better Insights And Control Over Slack Data with New Release

| 6/30/20 8:15 AM

Hanzo’s purpose-built discovery solution for Slack extends precise scoping, control, and analysis of data for internal investigations and legal hold early case assessment.

Hanzo, the company known for its pioneering technology in  dynamic web archiving for ediscovery and compliance, today announced new features and efficiency-boosting user experience in its purpose-built discovery solution for Slack, Hanzo Hold

As many companies have rapidly adopted Slack in this remote working world, legal and compliance teams need greater visibility into their Slack data to mitigate risk, support efficient investigations, and scope legal matters effectively to reduce the overall cost of discovery. 


Hanzo’s Unparalleled Approach To Slack Data Intelligence

The process of discovery or internal investigations with Slack often starts with a handful of custodians and a date range. The process then requires iteration which can be wastefully expensive and time consuming when using traditional approaches that begin with a new collection for every matter. Because defining scope is challenging at the outset it’s not uncommon for legal teams to be off of the mark, resulting in too little data and lacking good pointers of where to look within their data sets. Or conversely, they get too much data which can be costly to preserve—especially when redundant copies of the same content are created. Hanzo’s unique approach enables easy collection of only what you need, when you need it, and to retain it for only as long as you require. Hanzo’s targeted preservation has been expanded with the click-of-a-button ease to add or remove custodians paired with enhanced matter scope and Slack channel management capabilities. 

Hanzo Hold’s latest release uniquely supports these goals.

Matter Scope Flexibility With Full Slack Channel Choices 

Hanzo Hold customers now have increased scope flexibility to easily identify and select amongst a myriad of Slack channels, including direct messages, that may be responsive to a matter. Better visibility empowers users to know where to look further, and easily refine matter scope over time. When combined with robust keyword and searching capabilities, corporate legal, HR and audit teams can perform quick analysis to understand where custodians are active and with whom they’ve been communicating, and quickly identify relevant conversations and message content.

Audit Log 

Hanzo Hold features a comprehensive audit record of user actions.  The Matter Audit Log provides access to all actions taken to create and revise matter scope, add or remove custodians, and include or exclude channels over the life of the matter.  Matter administrators can see  the “who, what, when, where, and why” of the investigation at hand. 

A New Efficiency-Boosting User Experience

As a part of this release, Hanzo has enhanced the user experience to enable full visibility of everything you need — at the click of a button. We’ve designed the experience to show more records on one screen, making it easier to move through long lists of information, regardless of where it is.  User experience enhancements include:

  • Improved matter dashboard with action menus for quick access to matter tasks

  • Convenient navigation bar to quickly move between managing a matter, discovery search, and matter export screens

  • Improved visibility and control over matter scope, including details on both custodians and the channels being preserved

  • Improved views over search results, messages, files, bookmarks and exports 


“When faced with a choice of legal hold and knowledge repository platforms, the market is consistently choosing best practice over boil-the-ocean,” said Keith Laska, CEO of Hanzo. “eDiscovery and Compliance teams have unique challenges, and the most successful software vendors in our space measure carefully before cutting. We have witnessed explosive adoption of our Hanzo Hold platform, and are extremely grateful to the market for working closely with us to shape the product towards our shared objective: eliminating billions of dollars in litigation costs by bringing control of corporate data back to where it belongs.”


Hanzo Hold is currently available for a wide range of corporate users, including legal teams responding to discovery demands, HR and internal audit teams conducting critical internal investigations, and IT response teams seeking timely information regarding security incidents.  Learn more by visiting https://www.hanzo.co/slack-legal-hold

Those who are interested in learning more about how collaboration data can be used for internal investigations, may want to register for the free July 9th webinar, Effective Internal Investigations In The Age Of Collaboration And Remote Work

Register for the webinar: https://www.hanzo.co/webinar-internal-investigations-in-the-age-of-collaboration-and-remote-work


About Hanzo

Hanzo provides modern ediscovery and compliance software for enterprise organizations. Our solutions empower legal and compliance teams to efficiently manage the preservation, targeted collection, and review of dynamic content from enterprise collaboration applications, social media, and complex websites. Hanzo is SOC 2® Type 2 certified, demonstrating Hanzo’s commitment to data security and serves large corporations across the globe—giving them control, visibility, and context over their data to reduce cost and mitigate risk. Learn more at hanzo.co and follow updates on Twitter: @gethanzo or on LinkedIn.


Sarena Regazzoni, Director of Communications, Hanzo

503-407-4208 | sarena@hanzo.co

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