[Hanzo Luminary Series] A Discussion with Christine Uri of ENGIE Impact Regarding Environmental Social Governance

| 4/27/22 9:00 AM

Hanzo hosts a discussion with industry luminary Christine Uri, Chief Legal Officer of ENGIE Impact regarding the issues that enterprises face when advancing sustainability.

Hanzo, a technology pioneer in preserving, collecting, reviewing, and exporting dynamic, complex collaboration and web-based data, announces the first episode of the Hanzo Luminary Series, featuring a discussion with Christin Uri, Chief Legal Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer for ENGIE Impact. Hanzo is holding Environmental Social Governance & How Enterprises Can Advance Sustainability Initiatives on May 5, 2022, | at 1 pm ET /10 am PT. In this live luminary series discussion, we will explore the issues that enterprises face when advancing sustainability and help industry professionals succeed in navigating change, limiting risk, and identifying opportunities to thrive. 

Event Description

As the lines between work and home blend in this post-pandemic world, so do areas of global and local influence. Quite literally, the only constant in life and business is change. But change is uncomfortable and requires each of us to dig deeper and think about how we can navigate the change efficiently and in an advantageous way for our careers, and our companies’ goals. That is why Hanzo has created the luminary series, where we take a moment to interview industry thought leaders on the latest trends impacting corporate, legal, compliance, and governance issues. 

Hanzo’s first luminary series discussion with Christine Uri, a thought leader in helping corporations implement sustainability and social responsibility best practices will delve into environmental social governance’s (ESG) latest trends, corporate risks, and practical tips for making the world more sustainable today. The discussion will assist companies who are striving to minimize the legal risk associated with environmental obligations around climate change, sustainability, and governance. 


Speakers will discuss

  • What is environmental social governance and why is it important.
  • How legal teams can be agents of change.
  • Best practices and policies organizations can implement to get started with ESG
  • How to be proactive and demonstrate your compliance with ESG initiatives


Christine Uri, Chief Sustainability and Legal Officer, ENGIE Impact

Christine Uri is the Chief Sustainability and Legal Officer at ENGIE Impact - a company committed to accelerating the sustainability transformation. Christine built her in-house career over the last 8 years at ENGIE starting as Corporate Counsel, moving to General Counsel, and expanding her breadth to include other executive leadership roles. In addition to leading a global legal team, Christine is currently responsible for the development and implementation of ENGIE Impact’s corporate sustainability strategy. She creates content on LinkedIn under the hashtag #SustainableCounsel. #Sustainable Counsel is designed to help in-house counsel take a leading role in corporate sustainability.


Will Walker, Product Manager, Compliance, Hanzo

Will is an entrepreneurial and data-driven leader with proven success in the planning and implementation of complex projects. When not solving legal technology mysteries, he enjoys global travel, rock climbing, surfing, and is a musician.



[Hanzo Luminary Series] Environmental Social Governance & How Enterprises Can Advance Sustainability Initiatives

Date: May 5, 2022

Time: 1:00 pm ET

Cost: Free

Registration link: https://www.hanzo.co/resources/hanzo-luminary-series-environmental-social-governance-how-enterprises-can-advance-sustainability-initiatives

About Hanzo

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Sarena Regazzoni

Senior Director of Communications




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