Hanzo unveils early Access to AI-Powered investigations solution to combat $80-Billion* insurance Fraud Problem

| 9/10/18 8:31 AM

Hanzo Investigator™ for Insurance Fraud automates fraud investigations, making them quicker and more consistent.

New York, NY, September 10, 2018 — Hanzo, the company known for pushing the boundaries on dynamic web archiving for compliance and ediscovery professionals, today unveiled early access to its AI-powered Investigator for insurance fraud. The program was kicked off with hundreds of special investigators at the International Association of Special Investigations Units (IASIU) in Baltimore, Maryland. Fraud Investigations are manual pursuits—making them expensive, hands-on and time-consuming.Worse, results can sometimes be incomplete due to time constraints and are frequently subjective enough to be challenged in court. Hanzo Investigator for Insurance Fraud changes all of that. Hanzo’s solution applies machine learning models to the historically hands-on nature of an online investigation. A special investigator can benefit from the:

  • Ease of inputting key case data to launch online searches.
  • Numerous potential variations of input data that are automatically optimized by Hanzo's team of data scientists, and are searched across the web.
  • Quality set of collated data with best-match results.
  • Ability to rapidly identify the most relevant claimants and their connections to preserve a forensically sound report of the investigation.

From rapid identification of the profiles for the persons of interest, Hanzo’s native format captures of dynamic web content like social media, are forensically sound and deliver the highest quality evidence available. Investigators can review complete information in context as if they were looking at the live site — ensuring legal defensibility and the complete story. Ongoing monitoring and automated data capture along with accompanying reports improve consistency and quality in the decision-making process.

"By leading the industry in adopting innovative, AI-driven technologies to make quick work of collecting the evidence necessary to make an informed claims decision, Hanzo is improving the efficiency of our SIU by allowing our investigators to concentrate on more relevant data and isolating those claims that have a greater propensity for fraud," said Joseph Stephenson at Hagerty.

According to the State of Insurance Fraud Technology Report, insurers report that technology is producing more referrals, and better-quality ones and many cite increased mitigation of losses. "Hanzo's technology supports anti-fraud investigations, making them more efficient by accelerating detection of fraud, which leads to timely resolutions," said Courtney Subocz, Product Director of Investigations, Hanzo.

The Early Access launch is a focus of Hanzo’s booth (#314) at IASIU 2018 in Baltimore. Those in the investigatory space can stop by for a demo and to apply for the Early Access program. Learn more here:



Learn more

For those not attending IASIU 2018, Hanzo will be hosting a webinar showcasing some of the challenges of the Investigations space — and how this product helps — on September 25, 2018 at 1:30 pm ET. https://www.hanzo.co/meet-hanzo-investigator


With any questions, please reach out to Sarena Regazzoni at sarena@hanzo.co or via phone at 503-407-4208.

About Hanzo

Hanzo is solving the single biggest challenge in legally defensible compliance and litigation today — contextual investigation, capture, and preservation of dynamic web content. Through one sophisticated platform, Hanzo captures and preserves team messaging data, social media engagement, and interactive web content then archives it in legally-defensible native format for analysis and review. Launched in 2009, Hanzo serves government agencies, enterprises, and top law firms across the globe.

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