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Educate yourself on the legally defensible methods for a comprehensive ISO standards-based methodology for archiving.

  • The Gold Standard

    Join the Global 2000 in protecting yourself with the industry standard, the "how to get it done right" archiving product for web and social.

  • Seamless Integration

    Integrates with everything important to you, from your website and social media to collaboration and third-party review tools.

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Regulatory risks and threats are everywhere. Evolve from reactive to proactive compliance management with Hanzo.

  • Proactive Cross-Web Monitoring

    Pre-load and actively monitor for insider threats, protect your corporate assets and get ahead of regulatory compliance.

  • Get Ready for GDPR

    If your company has a presence in the EU, you need to be ready or risk a fine of up to 4% of global revenues. Prepare now. 

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Are you looking to harness the world's largest source of unstructured information - the web - to make more informed, highly predictive business decisions? Look no further.

  • Automated Due Diligence

    When you're looking to canvas an acquisition's web and social content, monitor for potential acquisitions, or ensure your supply chain is maintaining compliance and healthy enough to service your requirements. 

  • Get Ahead of the Competition

    Companies change strategies qucikly in the digital age, monitor, keep up and be proactive about their next steps before it costs you. 

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Hanzo for Government is trusted by the DOJ, US Senate and other federal and international agencies to provide the most efficient and legally defensible way to collect and analyze information from the broadest range of internet content, platforms, and processes. 

  • Powerful eDiscovery Automation

    Automate the process of collecting, preserving, and analyzing content platforms that seem impossible to collect. 

  • Proactive National Threat Protection

    Use the web to intelligently and proactively monitor and identify national and international security threats. 

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