Broad Range Web & Social Collection with Hanzo for Government™

Hanzo for Government is trusted by the DOJ, US Senate and other domestic and foreign agencies to provide the most efficient and legally defensible way to collect and analyse information from the broadest range of internet content, platforms and processes.

  • Powerful eDiscovery Automation
    Automate the process of collecting, preserving and analyzing content and platforms that seem impossible to collect - including Facebook, Yammer, Confluence and more.
  • Third-Party Authentication and Expert Witness Support
    When you require native-format, rock-solid, legally defensible content backed by independent third-party certifications.
  • Automated Background Checks
    Easily carry out background checks on the web for both people and companies.
  • Proactive National Threat Protection
    Use the web to intelligently and proactively monitor and identify national and international security threats.



Hanzo Government™ - Features and Benefits

  • Save Time and Money
    The ability to search and build collections which significantly reduces the cost of investigations and proceedings.
  • Native Format Defensibility
    Submit third-party verified web evidence that is completely rebuilt in its native format backed by the availability of affidavits and expert witness support.
  • Capture Everything
    Collection of commonly missed content by filling in forms, triggering interactive content and maintaining log-ins across crawls. Customizable settings to allow for capture of mobile versions, geo-located and personalized web and social media sites.
  • Have It Your Way
    On Premise version allows capture of content behind the firewall.



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