Predictive Web and Social Intelligence with Hanzo Insight™

Are you looking to harness the world’s largest source of unstructured information - the web - to make more informed, highly predictive business decisions? Look no further.

  • Automated Background Checks
    The web is a powerful source of unstructured information, harness that power to conduct checks on people and companies.
  • Corporate Revenue and Compliance Threats
    Daily threats to corporate revenue streams and financial risks to lack of adherence to corporate policies is now the norm.
  • Automated Due Diligence
    When you’re looking to canvass a acquisition’s web and social content, monitor for potential acquisitions, or ensure your supply chain is maintaining compliance and healthy enough to service your requirements.
  • Get Ahead of the Competition
    Companies change strategies quickly in the digital age, monitor, keep up and be proactive about their next steps before it costs you.



Hanzo Insight™ - Features and Benefits

  • Capture+ Technology
    Hanzo Insight collects “difficult to get” content, including from forums and interactive content.
  • Highly Customizable
    Allows you to crawl by topic, event or schedule, provides Guided captures: pre-sets for efficient collection of content relevant to the task at hand. Intelligence allows for relevant page search.
  • Integration and Shareability
    Build collections of information, search and easily share. Aggregate data with existing data sources such as Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg or public databases. Provide legally defensible audit trails of information.



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