Evolve from Reactive to Proactive with Hanzo Vault™

Hanzo Vault™ is ideal for Compliance, Governance, Records and Legal Managers looking to proactively manage the regulatory risks and threats constantly arising from web, social media, and enterprise collaboration usage.

  • Be Proactively Compliant
    Be proactive on the rules and regulations that affect your specific industry and be confident you are in control of the exploding amount of content on your internal and external web presence.
  • Monitor Insider Threats
    Thwart potential massive threats from insider trading, policy and procedure adherence, sexual harassment and discrimination with proactive threat protection.
  • Protect Corporate Assets
    Maintain privacy, security and Intellectual Property when capturing content behind the firewall, all backed by ISO 28500 Compliance.
  • Adhere to GDPR Policies
    If your company has an EU presence, you may risk the loss of major European clients and pay significant fines for lack of adherence to GDPR policies.



Hanzo Vault™ - Features and Benefits

  • Actionable Intelligence
    Convert massive amounts of web data into actionable intelligence at critical speed for driving effective decision-making.
  • Powerful Analytics
    Turn insights into action by providing full visibility of your organization’s internal and external content. Powerful analytics and data visualizations allow you to quickly identify real-time opportunities and risk.
  • Monitor and Alert
    Real-time monitoring and alerts across web content using machine learning to identify patterns and detect anomalies. Hanzo Vault enables you to proactively identify issues before they become problems.
  • Intelligent Compliance
    Customized, compliant collection for heavily regulated sectors including Financial, Banking, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Technology and Energy & Utilities.




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