As discoverable electronically stored information (ESI) becomes increasingly web based, leading law firms require on-demand web and social media collections.

Our self-service, SaaS-based on-demand web archiving product, Hanzo On-Demand, offers an efficient, cost-effective solution to meet eDiscovery needs. Designed to perform web and social media collections in a defensible manner, Hanzo On-Demand is optimized for the global legal industry, where the collection and preservation of web content to support litigation is vital. Our service, which has been used by several Am Law 100 firms, has reduced eDiscovery collection costs. Its native-format collection and automated archive service provision provides a superior deliverable, and delivers it more quickly than costly manual collections can.

Our standard-based collections of websites and social media are comprehensive and designed to withstand the rigors of the legal process and eDiscovery. Our advanced crawlers can collect all kinds of websites, including those requiring a log-in, Ajax interactive sites, those with rich media, and form posts. For social media, our crawlers collect posts, comments, likes, attachments, photos, and videos from many social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Foursquare, YouTube, Vimeo, and more. Unlike many solutions, our social media captures include all native content and links.

Our support for the ISO 28500 standard extends to exports. We support a wide range of formats, including XML (for EDRM, for example), and load files for Concordance, Relativity, Symantec, Recommind, and others. Load files may reference native format content or more easily shared formats such as PDF. Our PDF exports are produced by the same high-fidelity crawler, and contain the same content as the native format capture. Note the example below containing a tweet from a PDF.

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