Hanzo’s subscription service customers operate across a number of heavily regulated industries, including financial services, health care, and pharmaceutical, where legally defensible web archiving tools are required to meet obligations for information governance, regulatory compliance, and heritage preservation.

Regulators and courts across the globe now recognize that web-based content is a business record of both internal and external communication and must be preserved and accessible.

Our subscription service is configured around the customer’s unique archive requirements, such as the scope of the content to be archived, the frequency of collection, the retention period, quality assurance, and other SLAs. Hanzo’s approach delivers cost savings, productivity improvements, and information governance best practices. We have demonstrated significant ROIs and notable service improvements from replacing incumbent manual and non-defensible archiving alternatives with Hanzo’s subscription service.

Native-format and PDF Access

Our SaaS-based subscription service includes:

  • Archiving of content on a predetermined schedule
  • Preservation of content based on defined retention periods
  • Access to content in both PDF and native format
  • Exports of content for use in common third-party tools
  • Technology independent website compliance as a service