PAE needed a complete forensic solution that captured defensible archives quickly and satisfied agency clientele. This solution needed to completely exclude any government client bias to maintain 100 percent credibility in separating the agency operations from the discovery process.


Alex McCombs, PAE

maintain control of complex data sources


immutable retention

Collect and retain electronically stored information (ESI) in forensically sound .WARC format, and in alignment with WORM storage and ISO 28500 standards.


EIM Expertise

Leverage enterprise information management functionality built for the world’s best eDiscovery and Regulatory Compliance professionals.


Simplified FOIA Export

Export native load files or transform web content to PDF format for convenient FOIA record production.


Flexible + Secure Deployment

Deploy on-premises, leverage the power of the cloud, or request full-service collections on-demand. 


Powerful Connectivity

Own your workflow through our premium integrations, leverage the Hanzo API to connect discrete endpoints, or work with our services team to build your own integration.


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