Connected eDiscovery

As collection requirements explode, today’s eDiscovery teams demand smarter automation and cost efficiencies in the collection, preservation and relativity-screen.pnganalysis of content. Customers want to capture with confidence, and require the most comprehensive, secure, and streamlined eDiscovery automation possible.

Reviewing collected web and social media content in its native, original format has always been the “gold standard” upon which Hanzo built its Fortune and Am Law 100 customer base. With seamless integration into Relativity - the industry leading comprehensive eDiscovery platform - clients can enjoy faster review and processing times, leading to significant cost savings.

  • Work faster: Pull Hanzo native format captures directly into Relativity at the click of a button.

  • Work smarter: Review Hanzo archived content, metadata, PDFs, extracted text, and native format links without disrupting your workflow.

  • Capture confidence: Use Relativity to build your case while banking on the assurance that Hanzo’s best-in-class team are supporting you for the win.