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eDiscovery Solutions

When the need for authenticity and defensibility are critical to the success of litigation, disputes or investigation.

  • If you can see it, we can capture it

    Websites, Intranets, Wikis, Confluence, Jira, Slack and more. If you can see the content, we can collect it. 

  • Easy Integration

    Whether you need to integrate via our powerful APIs, or integrate with the most common review platforms such as Relativity, you're covered.

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Governance, Risk, and Compliance Solutions

For organizations who want to go beyond the "tick in the box" approach to proactively managing Enterprise risk and compliance.

  • Get Ready for GDPR

    New EU regulations mean that up to 4% of your global revenue is at risk due to fines and assessments if you aren't prepared.

  • Powerful Analytics

    The progressive Risk and Compliance executive will take comfort knowing that proactive analytics equals critical advanced notice.

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Web Intelligence for the Modern Executive

Harness the deep web, the world's largest source of unstructured data, to make informed business decisions ahead of the competition.

  • Automate Due Diligence

    Construct a critical audit trail of valuable information to drive intelligence from vast quantities of web data.

  • Extract value from the Deep Web

    500 times larger than what Google indexes, the Deep Web holds critical information to help you make more informed decisions.

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