Maintaining regulation should be more than the minutiae of checkbox compliance to satisfy specific FINRA, SEC, and HIPAA rules or maintaining information governance (IG) as an accountability framework for internal archiving policies and procedures. Hanzo outperforms products on the market by providing you not only with the power to get your arms around your organization’s entire website presence, but extract value from it. Hanzo delivers proactive GDPR readiness and compliance management for organizations who operate in heavily regulated industries including, Financial, Banking, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, and Energy & Utilities. Hanzo Vault reduces the cycle time, decreases cost and enhances productivity.


1.2-Circle-Icon-1-Advanced-technology.pngGDPR Readiness

Proactive compliance management and General Data Protection Regulation GDPR preparedness for data protection, privacy, and security standard related to Personally Identifiable Data (PII).


1.2-Circle-Icon-2-GDPR-readiness.pngGDPR Compliance

Ensure your business can comply with the new data subject rights contained in the GDPR including the ability to export all of a data subjects data (wherever it resides on your estate) and how to comply with a legitimate request to erase all a data subjects data.


1.2-Circle-Icon-3-Dashboards.pngMinimize Risk

Capitalize on Hanzo’s existing methodology in identifying and mapping data across an organization's data environment, utilize experience data scientists to create a bespoke solution that minimizes risk and ensures your organization does not receive a catastrophic fine in addition to failing your existing customers.


1.2-Circle-Icon-4-Collect-from-any-source.pngAnalytics Dashboard

Customizable dashboards, alerts and change reporting allow you to focus monitoring activity on the most urgent issues and ensure you can comply with a data subject request.


1.2-Circle-Icon-5-Dont-get-trapped.pngEverything Web

Hanzo lets compliance and legal teams keep pace with each new roll out of newer, sophisticated and more advanced web technologies.



Meet fast turnaround regulatory requests, no matter how arduous, with instant access to your organization's archived content anywhere, anytime and see it the way it appeared live at the time of capture.