When the need for authenticity and defensibility are critical to the success of litigation, disputes or investigation, Am Law 100 and Fortune 500 organizations alike trust Hanzo to deliver the highest quality capture from every source of web content. We are the Gold Standard of legal defensibility, conforming only to the highest standard established by the International Organization for Standards, ISO, for web archiving. Hanzo Preserve is an end-to-end eDiscovery platform that enhances productivity, reduces cost and eliminates the risk involved in the eDiscovery lifecycle.


1.1-Circle-Icon-1---Legally-defensible.pngLegally Defensible

As the Gold Standard in legal defensibility, we conform only to the highest international standards established by the International Organization for Standards. Hanzo Preserve is ISO 28500 compliant. The most secure, legally defensible web collection possible.


1.1-Circle-Icon-2-Enhanced-productivity.pngEnhanced Productivity

Get actionable, real-time visibility into Electronically Stored Information (ESI) workflow through Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) with powerful interactive dashboard reports, enabling you monitor and analyze content collections.


1.1-Circle-Icon-3-Minimize-risk.pngMinimize Risk

Enable the collection of complex, personalized and difficult to capture web content, enhancing productivity in litigation support, reducing costs and eliminating risk involved in the eDiscovery lifecycle.


1.1-Circle-Icon-4-Everything-web.pngEverything Web

Hanzo is the most complete web content collection platform. Unlike other web archiving tools, the Hanzo Platform enables you to capture, preserve, and analyze content from any source on the web.


1.1-Circle-Icon-5-Capture-dynamic-web-content.pngCapture Dynamic Web Content

Our technology enables you to capture sophisticated web content that our competitors simply can’t. Dynamic content includes videos, calculators, assessments, etc. that drive purchase decisions and enhances the functionality for the user.


1.1-Circle-Icon-6-Seamless-integration.pngSeamless Integration

The advantage of the Hanzo Platform is its effortless adaptability and flexibility to integrate with leading eDiscovery EDRM framework and review platforms.


1.1-Circle-Icon-7-Evidentiary-protection.pngEvidentiary Protection

Our team is comprised of industry experts with litigation experience and unmatched credibility to provide expert testimony of evidentiary authenticity at no additional cost.