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We get it. It seems like everywhere you turn, your employees are using another device or software during the workday that increases the risk for your business. In simpler times, you only had to worry about employees making personal calls during the workday, but now, with social media and an endless array of personal devices, how do you effectively manage it all?

Hanzo for Corporate Risk provides an efficient way to proactively manage the risks surrounding employee-driven content. Whether you’re concerned about bring your own software or device, or social media, Hanzo’s comprehensive archives, created using AI-driven technology, allow you to mitigate risks and gather general intelligence.

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 We capture anything you see in a browser. If your company uses a variety of collaborative platforms, plus and internal document sharing site, we can archive it all. Our captures aren’t just limited to what you see on a specific page - archive linked pages, videos, animations and the like. With Hanzo, you can use the same platform for all of your risk assessments.

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With bullet-proof defensibility, Hanzo specializes in setting you up for success. Our legally-defensible captures can be viewed in their native format or exported as a load file, complete with PDF and metadata, to easily integrate with document review software. We can also provide an expert witness, affidavit or declaration to support your evidence.

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Because Hanzo uses AI-based, cutting-edge technology to manage your captures, we take the element of human error out of the picture, that way your company can focus its energy running a successful business. Our SaaS and on-premise offerings allow you to use Hanzo the way that works best for you.


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