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You know the drill: a potentially fraudulent claim raises a red flag in your company’s system, so you launch an investigation. Unfortunately, for the most part, the insurance process for investigations have hardly changed. You’re probably still using the stereotypical private investigator (you know, with binoculars and a wide-brimmed hat), but you have to be wondering if there’s a better way to handle these investigations, especially now that so much online research is required.

That’s where Hanzo for Insurance Investigations comes in. By incorporating AI and Machine Learning algorithms into our already comprehensive web-arching process, we allow you to take the guesswork out of your claims investigations process. We capture all forms of web and social content, and provide a legally defensible archive that you can use, should the claim need to be taken to court.

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Because Hanzo uses AI-based, cutting-edge technology to manage your captures, we take the element of human error out of the equation, that way your company can focus its energy on winning the case. Our SaaS and on-premise offerings allow you to use Hanzo the way that works best for you.

No stone unturned

We capture anything you see in a browser. Whether you need to gather evidence from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media site, we can archive the complete page, including linked pages, videos, animations and the like.

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With bullet-proof defensibility, Hanzo specializes in setting you up for success. Our legally-defensible captures can be viewed in their native format or exported as a load file, complete with PDF and metadata, to easily integrate with document review software. We can also provide an expert witness, affidavit or declaration to support your evidence. 

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