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Your company is making big moves, and efficiency is the key to continuing your path of growth. When it's time to gain more ground with an acquisition or merger, are you losing valuable employee time by spending endless hours researching the potential companies?

With Hanzo for Mergers and Acquisition Research, automate the process and focus your efforts on making the best decisions for your business. Before investing in a new venture, you’ll be able to trust our AI-based technology to gather comprehensive intelligence.

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We capture anything you see in a browser, including wikis, social media, complete websites and more. Our captures aren’t just limited to what you see on a specific page - we also archive linked pages, videos, animations and the like. You’ll be able to analyze a company’s entire digital presence by using just one platform.

Frozen in time

Our native format viewer allows you to see websites, social media and more exactly as they appeared on the day of the capture. Interact with drop down menus, view comment threads and experience the true detail that a Hanzo archive offers.

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Because Hanzo uses AI-based, cutting-edge technology to manage your captures, we take the element of human error out of the equation, that way your company can focus its energy on winning the case. Our SaaS and on-premise offerings allow you to use Hanzo the way that works best for you.

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