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Legal defensibility

Back in the day, it used to be one employee’s word against another in a harassment case. In the event of an IP litigation, companies had to prove that ideas and information were stolen by using employee testimony and whatever they were lucky enough to have it on paper.

Now, the workplace is changing, and more interactions are consistently taking place online. Conversations are held via Slack, files are shared using Sharepoint, and platforms like Confluence and JIRA have become indispensable to collaboration. Fortunately, for HR professionals and corporate counsels, this move to digital can make proving your side easier, provided that the evidence is presented properly.

Hanzo for team messaging is the most efficient way to gather legally defensible records of your collaborative platform. We archive anything you see in a browser, which includes Slack, Sharepoint, Confluence, Skype and more. Whether you need to preserve a platform to present as evidence in a court of law, or you’re simply archiving for your company’s historical purposes, Hanzo provides a comprehensive, yet easy to use solution.

Beyond the basicshanzo-for-team-messaging

If your company uses Slack, Confluence, Sharepoint or any other collaborative software, screenshots and .TXT files won’t be enough in the courtroom. That’s where Hanzo comes in -if you can view it in a browser, Hanzo can preserve it in a legally defensible format.

Your secret weapon

With bullet-proof defensibility, Hanzo specializes in setting you up for success. Our legally-defensible captures can be viewed in their native format or exported as a load file, complete with PDF and metadata, to easily integrate with document review software. We can also provide an expert witness, affidavit or declaration to support your evidence.

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Because Hanzo uses AI-based, cutting-edge technology to manage your captures, we take the element of human error out of the equation, that way your company can focus its energy on winning the case. Our SaaS and on-premise offerings allow you to use Hanzo the way that works best for you.

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