The countdown to GDPR is on. Are you prepared?

The EU regulation will have a far reaching impact for organizations throughout the world.

In late 2015, the European Union revised its 20 year old Data Protection Derivative into a unified law known as General Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The primary goal of GDPR is to harmonise the protection of personal data across all EU member states. However, GDPR will have an impact around the world as it applies to any organization that handles the personal data of EU citizens. If your organization is conducting business (offering goods or services or monitoring) with any European citizen, you will need to be GDPR compliant.

Organisations have until May 25th 2018 to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures and stand ready to demonstrate their compliance. Organisations need to act now to ensure that they are ready to comply with the new regulation when it comes into force on May 25th, 2018.

Under the new legislation, organisations caught in a breach incur fines of either up to €20 million, or 4% of annual worldwide turnover, whichever is greater - depending on the nature of the violation.

Hanzo’s Platform allows you meet your requirements under GDPR, particularly the Data Subject’s rights under Articles 11- 24.

How can Hanzo help?

Hanzo Insight™ for GDPR can help you prepare for GDPR by gaining a 360 degree view and a clear understanding of your PII and compliance gaps - knowing what personal data, where it is across the organisation, and most importantly how it is secured in the lifecycle.

Features & Benefits

1.2-Circle-Icon-3-Dashboards.pngAdhere to GDPR Policies

If your company has an EU presence, you may risk the loss of major European clients and pay significant fines for lack of adherence to GDPR policies.

1.2-Circle-Icon-1-Advanced-technology.pngGDPR Readiness

Proactive compliance management and General Data Protection Regulation GDPR preparedness for data protection, privacy, and security standard related to Personally Identifiable Data.

1.2-Circle-Icon-2-GDPR-readiness.pngGDPR Compliance

Ensure your business can comply with the new data subject rights contained in GDPR, including the ability to export all of a subject's data (wherever it resides on your estate) and how to comply with a legitimate request to erase all a subject's data.