Compliance for Higher Education

Higher Education (HE) institutions face a wealth of unique challenges and risks while conducting business in an increasingly litigious and complex regulatory environment.

Following a recent review of the higher education sector, UK’s primary competition and consumer authority- the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) - expects that all higher education providers comply with consumer protection law. HE Providers must ensure that their complaint handling processes and practices are accessible, clear, and fair - and have been reminded of this by the CMA.

The CMA and other consumer enforcement partners may decide to take legal action, should serious breaches of consumer law be identified in the HE sector: No institution will be able to claim that they weren't aware.

Hanzo delivers automated rigorous compliance management for HE institutions, including consumer protection laws, that allow institutions to demonstrate their compliance in a legally defensible way - particularly in respect to the agreed historical course material and terms and conditions. Proactive web media management enables you to move quickly to threats to minimize risk and show definitively that you are fully compliant.

Features & Benefits


The ability to gain control of your organisation’s web media, analyse over time (including demonstrate categorically what was seen by whom on a certain date) and gain valuable insight for better decision-making.


Proactive compliance management to ensure your organisation is compliant with industry-specific regulation including but not limited to consumer law(s).

1.2-Circle-Icon-2-GDPR-readiness.pngLegally Defensible

As the Gold Standard in legal defensibility, we conform only to the highest international standards established by the International Organization for Standards. Hanzo Preserve is ISO 28500 compliant. The most secure, legally defensible web and social media collection possible.

If you want to avoid a claim that you have breached your students consumer rights, Hanzo can help you to demonstrate categorically what content, terms and conditions and other details relevant to your courses you published on your site.