Hanzo for Law Firms is the Gold Standard in legally defensible collection and preservation of web and social media content.  With on demand capture of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, single webpages, whole websites, and much more, Hanzo makes it easy for case teams to preserve web evidence when the need arises.


    • Defensibility First

      With Hanzo, you can be sure that your web/social media capture is legally defensible.  Hanzo adheres to the ISO 28500 standard for web content collection and preservation.  Our collection methodology is forensically sound, with verifiable authenticity.  

    • Easy to Collect

      We know that pulling webpages manually by taking screenshots is frustrating and can miss content. Take human error out of the picture with Hanzo’s automated and comprehensive capture.  We can capture anything you can see in a web browser.

      Hanzo delivers highly presentable PDFs of webpages, along with metadata, in load files that can be easily imported into your document review tool.  We also provide a viewer so you can access the preserved native format and see how the page worked at the time of capture.  We make sure you spend less time worrying about the collection and more time focused on winning the case.

    • We've Got Your Back
      Whether you need an affidavit, declaration or expert witness testimony to prove the authenticity of your capture, Hanzo goes the extra mile to ensure that your collection is legally defensible.  We can also collect external links, embedded video, and more, so that you have the most thorough capture available. Get in touch with us and request a personalized demo or quote to learn how Hanzo can help you transform your web and social media collections for eDiscovery.
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Features and Benefits

      • On Demand Capture 

        When you want to quickly preserve evidence from webpages and social media before the needed content is taken down or changed.

      • Legally Defensible Web and Social Media Collection for eDiscovery
        When you need to defensibly capture Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, single pages, whole sites, and a variety of content found on the web (videos, audio, documents).
      • Easy to Use Export and Load File for Document Review
        When you'd prefer an export of your collection (PDF, metadata, text for each page captured) packaged in a load file that you can easily import into your document review platform.
      • Native Format Preservation and Play Back
        When it is important to see how the elements of a webpage functioned at the time of the capture (working image carousels, mouse-overs, drop-down menus) via a native format viewer.  
      • Evidentiary Protection
        When you need an affidavit, declaration or expert witness to prove your collection’s authenticity

Need more information?

Get in touch with us and request a personalized demo or quote to learn how Hanzo can help you transform your web and social media collections for eDiscovery.

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