The web is the largest global source of raw and unstructured data. Sovereign wealth funds, venture capital firms, lawyers and internal financial services firms often need to quickly collate, collect and analyze multiple data sources to allow both internal and external due diligence data gathering processes. Financial audits are traditionally handled by specialist firms with the associated data audits are often neglected as they are more complex. Not any more. Hanzo Insight allows you to harness the full potential of the web, by extracting meaningful and valuable information to gain unprecedented insight and make better business decisions.

Hanzo assists organizations engaged in corporate acquisitions, disposals, know your customer (KYC) and counter-party information (including fraud detection and scam identification). Quickly spot patterns, identify relevant data and ensure your company has all the facts beyond the deal; verify what you are being told and make a decision with all the information in front of you.


1.3-Circle-Icon-1-Extract-virtually.pngAutomated Due Diligence

Enhanced due diligence begins with constructing a uniform audit trail for transparency in the most legally defensible way to authenticate web data.


1.3-Circle-Icon-2-Protect-against-insider-threat.pngDeep Web

The ability to access dynamic, raw, and unstructured data from the deep web, invisible to standard search engines like Googe and estimated to be 500 times larger than the surface web.


1.3-Circle-Icon-4-Look-to-web-data.pngPowerful Analytics

Hanzo Insight allows you to analyze data, trends and emerging business opportunities for profitable growth strategies by using deeper insight from the web for better decision-making and changing the way you do business.