Hanzo Spotlight

AI-powered Data Intelligence for Efficient Ediscovery & Investigations

Empowering legal to make strategic decisions rapidly, improving case and risk management.


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Early Insights = Better Decisions

With the Spotlight option, Hanzo brings enterprise-grade data enrichment to early case assessment, reducing risk and more efficiently identifying critical data for investigations within collaboration applications. 

Rapid Data Intelligence 

Make informed decisions quickly using collected data enriched with Spotlight powered by Hanzo and embedded IBM Watson AI to discover PII, tag sensitive data, and help categorize conversations and collaborative channels.


Proactively Identify & Mitigate Risks

Hanzo’s proprietary machine-learning
behavior analysis models analyze
content to understand your data and
identify sensitive information such as
toxic and unwanted behavior. HR and
Internal investigation teams benefit
from near-instant knowledge and
searches specifically targeted to return
relevant content.


Focus On What Matters 

Leverage best-in-class data categorization and data classification libraries to rapidly find messages containing relevant content across vast amounts of information, including conversational channel data.

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Data Insights Improve Culling, Legal Strategy, And Risk Mitigation


Spotlight comes as an add-on application for Hanzo Illuminate. 

Don't pass unnecessary data forward to expensive eyes-on-review

Enterprise collaboration data is voluminous, filled with emojis and disjointed single lines of text where meaning is difficult to discern without context. The risk of this content is potentially high because communication is informal. Spotlight adds a data intelligence layer that improves culling and provides rapid contextual insights for improved strategy and decision-making.



From start to finish, Hanzo helps enterprises understand their data better, limiting data volumes and identifying risky content within.  

Illuminate data risk with Hanzo Spotlight

Legal and investigation teams can combine Hanzo Spotlight insights with Illuminate's standard text and date searches as facets to focus searches for a particular matter or issue, including:


Unwanted Behaviors /Toxicity

Search enriched data and identify unwanted behaviors like insults, threats, obscenity, and sexually explicit, toxic, aggressive, or attacking language.


Sensitive Information

Protect the privacy and information of employees, customers, and prospects by detecting the presence of PII, including social security numbers, credit card numbers, or passport numbers.


Data Categories

Browse messages by category and quickly find messages containing relevant content related to typical categories like law, government, politics, legal issues, criminal law, automotive, finance, business, company, or bankruptcy.

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