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Trustworthy AI: Delivering Practical Value with a Security Focus

Spotlight AI by Hanzo distinguishes itself with an unwavering dedication to three core benefits: security, transparency, and practicality.


Spotlight AI is engineered with a security-first architecture, leveraging IBM Watsonx's advanced security capabilities and built-in security protocols such as data encryption at rest and in-motion, as well as embedded AI at the tenant level, to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer data. 



Spotlight AI eschews the "black-box" AI approach, empowering users with AI-driven decision-making transparency. Each relevant or potentially relevant decision is automatically tagged and clearly displayed, fostering trust and decision clarity. Users have granular control over the case definition via free-form input or document upload (e.g., complaints, subpoenas, supplemental information), providing the ultimate control over matter details. 



Spotlight AI supports rapid decision-making across a wide range of challenges, including eDiscovery and HR or internal investigations. It is designed to be accessible and user-friendly, eliminating the need for specialized training or expertise. Spotlight AI delivers tangible, real-world solutions for rapidly identifying relevant messages and documents when time is of the essence. 

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Impact: Unlocking the Benefits of the Automated Relevancy Engine


Spotlight AI comes as an add-on application for Hanzo Illuminate. 

In an era where data drives decisions, Hanzo's Spotlight AI emerges as a vital business tool. From rapid insights during discovery in support of litigation strategy or quickly responding to HR questions,  enhancing data understanding empowers teams to navigate vast datasets with a keen eye for relevance, our solution ensures precision, depth, and clarity in every data interaction.


From start to finish, Hanzo helps enterprises defensibly capture collaboration data, understand their information's relevancy to a matter faster, limit data volumes, and identify risky content within.  

Rapidly Pinpoint Relevant Data with Hanzo Spotlight AI

It's a data-driven world, and Hanzo's Spotlight AI emerges as a critical business imperative. From accelerating discovery and informing litigation strategy to promptly resolving HR inquiries, Spotlight AI empowers teams to navigate vast datasets with precision, depth, and clarity, ensuring informed decision-making at every juncture. 


Contextual Understanding

Spotlight AI transcends traditional keyword-based search to understand the underlying context of data. This enables users to gain deeper insights into their relevant data and rapidly identify patterns and connections that remain invisible using traditional search methods.


Clarity on Relevance Decisions

Understand the "why" behind data relevance decisions. Comprehend the significance of the content, ensuring it aligns with the search intent. Spotlight AI provides transparency into its data relevance decisions with clear, concise explanations that contribute to each decision. This enables users to understand the significance of the content and ensure that it is relevant to their search intent.


Navigating Collaborative Data

Spotlight AI efficiently processes and analyzes large collaborative datasets, rapidly identifying and elevating the most relevant and important content to the top of your review. This enables users to quickly and easily gain insights from complex datasets, without having to manually sift through large volumes of data.


User-Directed Data Refinement

Spotlight AI enables users to refine their understanding of data through natural language input, rather than requiring complex training. This is achieved through the use of advanced machine learning algorithms that can extract key insights from content and prioritize them based on their relevance or near relevance.


Optimize The Ediscovery Process

Spotlight AI radically boosts the efficiency of uncovering essential or potentially significant content by using Gen AI's capabilities to swiftly pinpoint and rank the most pertinent information amidst substantial data volumes. This technological advancement enables users to concentrate on the critical tasks of analyzing and synthesizing relevant content, effectively reducing the time and resources once consumed by conventional, manual search methods.


HR and Investigations

Spotlight AI facilitates the rapid and efficient resolution of HR complaints or the conduct of internal investigations. By providing Spotlight AI with specific instructions on the type of information to be retrieved, users can obtain swift and focused responses, ensuring precision and promptness in content review tasks. 


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